Slam Poetry Camp



Hosted in partnership with WrapAround Orange, an organization that strives to “make sure that a child’s first contact with the Juvenile Justice system is their last”, Page 15’s Slam Poetry Camp provides a safe, positive outlet for high schoolers struggling with a variety of social and emotional challenges. During this one-week camp, students work with Orlando’s most talented poets to write their very own poem. At the end of the camp, students record their poem in a recording studio, publish it in a chapbook, and perform it live for friends and family. This amazing program empowers young poets through the use of language for self-expression.

Page 15’s Slam Poetry Camp schedule will be available in 2016.

Please check back for details!

“The writing instruction Page 15 provided was vital to the development of our youth. Showing [them] the fun of writing was a truly invaluable service. Their stories of overcoming bullying, family problems and school problems will be used as tools to further reach out to other youth in our community.” –

Anne Marie Sheffield,
Project Director at Wraparound Orange