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Young Writer's Society

“My Strange but Beautiful Hair” by Janya

Janya D

My Strange But Beautiful Hair

I have to take out the knots that tangle in my hair. 

Feeling miserable every time.


My hair never finds peace, 

even when I let it breathe. 


My mom braiding my hair tightly, 

barely getting freedom to move my eyebrows or turn my head. 


Dead locks of hair fall off 

while she combs half of my hair. 


Some gets in my face all of the time. 

And I sometimes be simply annoyed. 


She braids very fastly, but steady.

The tears that was in the corners of my eyes start to find a way to come out. 


It hurts but it’s okay, 

because in the end I feel the opposite when I look in the mirror. 

Young Writer's Society

“Aurora Borealis” by Za’Niyah A.

If it were a human, the term “beautiful” would be worn out, a word forever lingering in her ears.

Something that would have us all stunned and shocked. The sight of her flowing, purple and blue hair curling as it went down her back, her eyes a deep, sexy, forget-me-never blue. Heads would turn as she strutted down the sidewalk, her face struck with lighting, her body curved like a smooth granite. Even though she felt safe, her face screamed with a soft red, from her nose to her ears, and she ran, her heels going ‘clap, clap, clap’ against the floor.

The Starbucks bell chimes, announcing ‘The princess is here! The princess is here!’ and only then, everyone would turn and look at a queen, emerging through the door. “Who is this chick? Who is she? She wants to steal attention from us, Jamil and Brittany.”

And they’d snarl and huff, all full of their stuff, while a simple science project looked out of place. “I don’t understand, I’m just really new?” she said, blinking and thinking. “I don’t understand this body, and I don’t understand you.”

“I’m from the sky, from the stars, and I’m down here for a visit is all.” She said, pointing up at the sky. “You’re being mean, but it’s okay! Aurora will be here for another 3 days!” And with that, she turned and marched out, gone from their sights. But everyone remember, Aurora was there.