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Our Impact

Our Long Term Goals

It is well documented that children who experience the devastating burdens of poverty, trauma, discrimination, and/or learning disabilities are statistically less likely to move beyond their circumstances and develop adequate literacy skills. Layered on top of that is the surge of depression and anxiety among children due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Children who can harness the power and potential of their own voice can grow to become strong voices in their communities, leading to a healthier and more equitable future for everyone.

  1. ADVANCE LITERACY - As with learning to play an instrument or play a sport, frequent and sustained writing practice over time builds literacy fluency, improves overall writing and reading skills, deepens thinking about content, and desensitizes students to the fear of the blank page.
  2. GROW CONFIDENCE - Developing confidence and command in both written and oral expression through performance and publication of their work validates each student’s existence as a unique individual with a unique voice and leads to self-confidence and success.
  3. MANAGE EMOTIONS & BUILD RESILIENCY - Frequent opportunities to write and reflect on a variety of personal topics in a safe environment provides students with the skills to identify and manage emotions, process trauma, and build emotional resilience.
  4. BUILD EMPATHY & CONNECT WITH COMMUNITY - “Listening with care” to peers’ personal stories in a supportive peer-writing community builds connection, empathy and life-affirming relationships while also developing the motivation to advocate for others and lead cultural, political, and academic discourse, contributing to a safe and healthy community.

2022 Annual Report


587 total students served from 80 different schools in Central Florida.

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75% of students reported feeling “sometimes” or “mostly” connected to others at Page 15.

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75% of students reported feeling “sometimes” or “mostly” confident in writing and public speaking.


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