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after-school programs

Young Writers Society

During the school year, students of all skill levels can find the freedom to express their creativity through storytelling, poetry, journalism, and creative writing at Page 15’s after-school Young Writers Society

Providing free, specialized literacy coaching and enrichment, students enjoy the rewards that come with consistent writing practice, exploring vocabulary, concepts, and writing styles that they wouldn’t otherwise experience in a more formal traditional classroom setting. 

By cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect, love and concern for one another, students find a safe creative space for their personal expression.

Page 15’s Young Writers Society is currently open to children enrolled at OCPS’s Academic Center for Excellence and is open after school on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Downtown Recreation Center, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our new space at the Grand Avenue Neighborhood Center!

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Our Heart is in Parramore

Since 2008, Page 15 has been working in the historically under-served community of Parramore and we continue to be committed to helping children in this neighborhood discover the valuable skills they need to transition onto a path of opportunity. 
Page 15 leverages strategic partnerships with organizations like Parramore Kidz Zone, OCPS, UCF, Boys and Girls Clubs to increase and improve outcomes for the community.

Right: Urban artwork tells a story in Parramore. (Photo by Phelan M. Ebenhack for Orlando Signature Magazine)

Our Impact

Keeping Track

Page 15’s history of success has been achieved through carefully tracking students’ progress through a variety of evidence-based metrics.


587 total students served from 80 different schools in Central Florida.

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75% of students reported feeling “sometimes” or “mostly” connected to others at Page 15.

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75% of students reported feeling “sometimes” or “mostly” confident in writing and public speaking.

Your Impact

How can you make an impact on their lives?

Make a Donation

Make a Donation

By making a gift to Page 15, you will ensure that children in Parramore will always have a safe place to share their creativity and be heard.
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Volunteer Your time

Volunteer Your time

Our young authors’ success relies on time spent with our volunteers, interns, and partners. If you’re passionate about inspiring the next generation of language-arts lovers, join us!
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Stay in Touch

Stay in Touch

Connecting through social media or our email newsletters ensure that you will be the first to know how you can support our young authors.
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